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Probe Dock gathers the results of automated tests performed on all system components (mobile, cloud, etc). The data, gathered in vast amounts, is analyzed to offer insights to developers, product owners and QA managers.

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Track all the automated testing activity in your organization

Probe Dock shows you all the automated testing activity in your organization. From developers' machines to continuous integrations environments, from Java to PHP to Ruby (and more), the results of all the tests that are run are centralized.

Your organization's dashboard shows the growth of your test suites, their overall composition by test framework, who in the team contributed to what, and more.

User-friendly test reports

Combine your test results from different test frameworks, programming languages and environments into a single test report. Probe Dock lets you decide which test results to aggregate at runtime.

Test reports contain information about each individual test result, including whether the test passed, the execution time, a stack trace if there was an error, and much more.

Follow the life of your tests

Probe Dock also tracks each test individually. Knowing the history of a test's results helps to identify flickering tests (tests that fail occasionally and at random), or to detect a decrease in performance by highlighting trends in the execution time.

Keep projects healthy

Check up on your projects by accessing their individual dashboard. You will see their health (the number of passing versus failing tests) for the latest version or for previous versions.

You will also see the same testing activity widgets as on the organization's dashboard, but with data scoped to that project.

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Probe Dock v0.1.29 Released

Probe Dock v0.1.29 is now available with a bunch of improvements and new probe features.

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Probe Dock v0.1.29 Released

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