Probe Dock is awarded a FIT grant to accelerate innovation in agile testing

  • 19 November 2015

It is a pleasure and a pride for us to announce that Probe Dock has just been awarded a prestigious innovation grant by the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).

This financial support will allow us to accelerate the development of what we believe is a truly original agile testing platform. In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, we will be working hard to make progress towards our long-term vision.

A software quality platform crafted for agile teams

For a very long time, software development and quality assurance have been managed as separate and sequential activities, carried out by different teams. It is now generally accepted that quality should not be assessed after the fact. In the contrary, it should be baked into the product and under the responsibility of a single team working closely together.

Despite this awareness, the reality is that most testing tools and QA platforms have not addressed this paradigm shift. They have been designed under the premise that quality should be controlled externally. They have not been designed to provide information and feedback directly to the team, on a continuous basis. To make a blunt statement, they support the vision that software development should be managed with a Command and Control (and Punish) philosophy.

Probe Dock takes a new stand on software quality. From its inception, the platform has been created to address the needs of agile teams. More fundamentally, it has been designed to foster agile values:

  • feedback and transparency
  • introspection and continuous improvement
  • courage and pride

Our goal is to offer a platform to agile, multi-disciplinary teams that support their continuous improvement process, by providing them with detailed feedback in original ways. Our goal is to provide them with insights not only about the quality of their product, but also about the efficiency of their engineering and collaborative practices.

The road ahead

The first step towards our vision for Probe Dock has been to offer an efficient and uniform way to collect test reports, across system components, technologies and build environments.

Today, we have a solution that makes it easier to deal with the data generated by heterogenous testing frameworks. No need to chase test reports in different places. No more struggle to extract information from many diverse report formats. Probe Dock makes it a breeze to place probes in your existing projects, to collect normalized reports in a central location and to get insights from quality dashboards.

The vast amount of information continuously collected by the probes truly is a gold mine. Our vision for Probe Dock is to exploit it, with the objective to provide new insights to development teams. With this in mind, we are actively developing Probe Dock on a number of different fronts. While this is not the place to describe our roadmap in details, we can mention three areas where you can expect to hear more from us in the coming months : deep analytics, gamification and ambient interfaces.

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