Getting Started

You can start using Probe Dock right now! All you need is a project with automated tests (see the list of supported test frameworks). Create a trial account and follow the step-by-step instructions.

As we are still in the early stages, trial accounts are temporary and may be erased from time to time. If you like Probe Dock and want to keep using it, please contact us to join our demo version. If your favorite test framework is not supported, please leave us a note so we can do something about it!

Supported Test Frameworks

We support any test framework that can generate xUnit/JUnit XML test reports. Check out this article on our blog for instructions on how to publish your test report files.

For a deeper integration with Probe Dock, these are the test frameworks we currently support.

GitHub Repository & Documentation

Please contact us if you need more materials.

3 simple steps to get you started with Probe Dock

Sign up for a trial account

Trial accounts are free but temporary (they may be periodically reset). During the signup process, you will also create an organization (e.g. your company).

Add your project to Probe Dock

Once you have completed the signup process, you can add your project to your Probe Dock organization.

Plug our probes into your test framework(s)

Find the probe for your favorite test framework and follow the setup instructions. Once done, simply run your test suite to see the results in Probe Dock!