Need Skills?

We got 'em.


We develop many things from simple scripts to multi-tier platforms with mobile clients.

Our specialties are Node.js, Ruby on Rails or Java EE for the server, Angular or Backbone for the browser, and Android or Ionic for mobile, but we are open to other requirements.

We take quality seriously, therefore we systematically use automated tests to ensure our software is reliable. We use our own solution, Probe Dock to make development activities more transparent to our customers.


Our DevOps background makes us experts in continuous integration & delivery.

We have created streamlined continuous integration chains with tools such as Jenkins or Travis CI to automatically build and test simple projects or complex platforms with multiple components.

We have also set up deployment pipelines to ensure that good software is delivered as quickly and often as possible.


We always seek to improve software quality, so we know how to set up and use the major testing frameworks in many languages like Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby and PHP. We can help you get started with automated tests.

We have written countless unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests and more, using Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Test Development (BDD).

We are also pragmactic and therefore know to focus on the most important tests to save time and money.


We routinely deploy and manage cloud applications in platforms like AWS, or using a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) like Heroku or OpenShift. We can deploy your applications for you or help you streamline your cloud architecture.

We also use Docker extensively to deploy application containers, including our own solution, Probe Dock. We can help you containerize your applications for development or production, and manage your Docker deployments.

Version Control

We systematically use Git to manage our code, as well as GitHub, GitLab and similar platforms for online or in-house hosting.

Not only that, but we also use professional workflows to integrate these tools in our development practices, such as code review.

We can train your team to use version control and help you set up these tools and workflows.


Want to learn Angular or Ruby on Rails? Want to code a real-time application with WebSockets? Want to know how to provision a server with Ansible?

We can organize sessions to share our knowledge and help you stay up to date on the latest technologies.